My Philosophy about Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has come a long way. From being in “massage parlors” to now being covered by more and more Insurance companies. Massage Therapy can be a luxury, but more often than not with my clients it is a necessity.

We tend to take care of our cars more than our bodies, by getting regular oil changes, routine maintenance checkups, and tire rotations. If our car breaks down we will do whatever necessary to pay for the costs of repair, even using a credit card because we “NEED” it to function.

When it comes to our bodies most people look for the “quick fix” the cheapest answer, which usually ends up being a band aid, just covering up the problem.  Such as pain relievers, muscle relaxants, shots, and surgery, instead of taking care of it at the source…

Massage Therapy takes time and money and often times some pain, but can be at the source of actually taking care of an injury and chronic pain. Even more than a car we NEED our bodies to operate at a high quality to function in our daily lives and live a quality life.

Yes pain medicines and surgeries are sometimes needed, but not as often as people think. I also believe in Chiropractics, however the muscles are what takes the spine out of alignment. If you don’t massage and relieve muscle tension in the neck and back the muscles will continue to take the spine out of alignment.

I also believe in Physical Therapy, I’ve even had a practice inside of a physical practice.  Physical Therapists are not trained in massage therapy as extensively as Massage Therapists are.  Just as I’m not trained in strengthening muscles and physical therapy techniques.

If you are getting adjusted from a Chiropractor or going to a Physical Therapist, if you will combine Massage Therapy with these practices it will aid in a faster recovery and will be getting at the source of the pain and injury. There are times that Massage cannot help and alternative practices are needed, but more often than not, Massage Therapy can relieve pain and help with recovery from injuries.

I will never diagnose a problem as I am not a doctor. I will though help you within my expertise as a very experienced Massage Therapist.