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“I first found out about Trisha on KSL. So my wife and I went for our Anniversary, what a great experience that was. About two mounths later I was in a lot of pain, and didn’t know what to do. It came to me to call Trisha, so I did. I took her advice and it payed off. If there is one thing that Trisha is good at, that is she knows the body and how to help it heal. The pain that I was having was in my upper back, sholder area. I came in for a 90 minute massage, had a back-ajustment the first day.  And then 2 days later had a 60 minute massage, and within days, I was back to no pain at all. Thanks, Trisha.”

-David Brown, Utah

“Just finished my second massage with Trisha. She kind of beats me up, but I can finally ride my motorcycle and sit at my desk without pain in my back or neck. It’s truly amazing!”

-Eric Harper, Utah

“Trisha thank you so much for the amazing deep tissue and craniosacral massage today!! It is no exaggerations to say it was the BEST massage of my life! I am still pain free and completely relaxed–such a tremendous difference from when I walked in! You’ve found a long-term client for sure!!”

-Leslie Fox Cluff

“Trisha was my massage therapist when she was living in Hawaii and I just can’t say enough about her! I think I went to her for 2 years and she always got rid of my headaches and pain in my neck and shoulders.”

-Wendy Young, Hawaii

“I have major chronic neck pain and Trisha did a great job getting rid of the pain and knots. I’m going back in a few days for a much needed follow up visit.”

-Sam Newell, Utah